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There is no additional charge for copying another trader or traders. You will still be charged spreads on the trading and/or transaction fees where applicable. To view our complete pricing policy, click here.

The minimum amount required to copy a trader is $200.
Please note that there is a minimum amount for each copied position of $1. Positions not meeting the $1 minimum will not be opened.

Setting up your copy trading is simple. Choose the user that you’d like to copy, input the amount you’d like to allocate, and click COPY. You’ll be duplicating their positions automatically in real time and direct proportion.

You can start or stop copying a user at any time. You may also set a stop loss for the copy, add or remove funds, or pause the copy. For more details on how copy trading works, click here.

Trades are typically executed in less than a second from the instant the trader you copy executes their own trades.

Yes, other traders on eToro can copy you if your profile is public. However, only users approved to participate in eToro’s Popular Investor Program are eligible to receive monthly earnings. For more information about becoming a Popular Investor, click here.

See my below recommendations for how to approach it, depending on if you are an experienced investor or not.

I recommend to invest as follows:

  • Invest from usd 500 (or more if want) per time
  • Select “Copy open trades”
  • Invest with a long term horizon of 3-5 years
  • Add to your investment over time, e.g. every month
  • Do not try to time the market

If you are not experienced Investor

My recommendation is to start now, but start slowly – don’t put all your money in the first time, but invest a manageable amount every month and gain your confidence over time as you see your portfolio gain in value. I suggest a minimum investment of 250usd (to ensure you get a good enough diversification in your portfolio) and that you invest all of it in investors like me or some of the others on eToro you might like. Spend a bit of time reading their bio’s and material to get a feel for them. Then month after month you learn about investing, and might get so interested that you want to start investing directly in stocks yourself. See below for my recommendations for more experienced investors.

NB: I highly recommend that you stay away from all other equity types than stocks and that you do not even consider leveraging/gearing any trades, as that requires significant insight and experience – some say you shouldn’t do it at all 🙂 Investing is not about fast money.

If you are an experienced Investor

Depending on your level of experience and to what extent you are interested and willing to spend the time in the finance and investment universe, I recommend that you find a good mix of copying others and investing in individual stocks on your own if you have the appetite. See below for a recommendation, depending on your own ‘experience profile’.

You have some experience, but still quite new to investing

If you have the appetite to start investing in individual stocks, I recommend you reduce the amount invested in copy traders to 80-90%. Then you can start to invest in individual stocks, where you might have your own favorites, but probably best to start with some of the stocks already in your copy traders portfolios. If you invest in me, I would suggest for starters to add a bit more of my top stocks or the ones you like the most from the portfolio – they are all good 🙂

You have been investing for years, but don’t spend much time on it

Investing does require time and effort, so be a bit careful to invest in new companies without the required insight. But use your experience to gradually build your individual stock portfolio with companies that you know and like, and have the time to follow closely. If that is not possible, as above I recommend you select stocks from your copy trader portfolios. Depending on your comfort level, and how much time you want to spend on it, would suggest to go to around 40-80% allocation towards copy portfolios like mine and the rest in individual stocks.

You have been investing for years and spend quite some time on it every week

As you grow your investing capability, you might get the appetite to take control over your portfolio, spend the required time on it and invest in individual stocks. I suggest that you stay invested with 20-40% in your favorite copy trader(s), as you will keep learning from them and get better yourself, as you gradually build your own portfolio. Staying invested in the copy traders, ensures you have a good benchmark as well for how you are doing against their portfolios.

If you do better, maybe then it is time for you to become one yourself 🙂

NB: If you are not interested to spend the time yourself, being a copy trader of your favorite investor is your better choice. Rather spend time on finding the right investor(s) to copy, whom you find have a good investing strategy, risk profile and that you trust will be consistent. This way you avoid having to spend the time, but can enjoy good returns from investing, while learning about it along the way with little effort.

Thanks to you for already copying my portfolio or having interest to do so by reading all the way to the end here.

Happy investing,