Welcome to my portfolio

The portfolio is made up of market beating companies. You can see how i have selected them based on their fit to the business and society trends that I find most interesting for the next 5-10 years.

Business and Society trends Management team
On-line and Digital business Data Vehicles of the Future Gaming & entertainment Sustainable Future Management team Employees Customers Products
Nvidia x x x x x
Shopify x x x x x
The Trade Desk x x
Mercado Libre x x x x
Danaher x x x
Zendesk x x x x x
Ubiquiti x x
Mastercard x x x
Veeva Systems x x x x
Twilio x x x x x
Amazon x x x x x x
Splunk x
Teladoc Health x x
Okta x
Netflix x x x x x
Intuit x x x x
Activision Blizzard x x
DocuSign x x
Universal Display Corp x x x
Unity Software
Splunk x x
Sea Ltd. x x
Apple x x x x x x x
Synopsis x x
Etsy x
Intuitive Surgical x x
Zynga x x